The drivetrain of the new Honda NSX

The drivetrain of the new Honda NSX
The drivetrain of the new Honda NSX

The first important information has to do with the placement of the engine. According to executives of Honda, the engine is now mounted longitudinally rather than transversely , and the change was made before about a year. The original plan was to get the drivetrain of the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid, to change direction and add 1-2 turbos. This will help with significant cost savings through the use of common components. Obviously that provision did not have the desired results and so it was changed .

The new NSX will be equipped with a brand new twin-turbo V6 engine, which according to the engineers ‘ is no more than 3.5 liters’. This engine will be combined with a brand new , fully evolved from Honda, transaxle. The gear box inside the transaxle will be dual clutch but the number of relations is not yet known. The engineers say it will have “more than six” . This does not tell us much since we know that the unique dual-clutch transmissions Honda has is a 7 – speed manual and a new 8-speed . But there may be a third party and for which we do not know nothing. Within the transaxle will be placed one of the three electric motors. The other two are located on the front wheels , providing power and torque independently of each another.


The NSX will be able to move using electric power only inside the city(essentially being FWD)  while in situations that require the full power of the car, all the three electric motors and the gasoline engine will be working. Acura/Honda has not published horsepower or other specific details about the engines.

Rumors say that the weight that will have the NSX. will be 996 kilos!  Despite enormous changes in design and the mechanic parts of the car , Honda insists that the NSX will be ready by 2015. The first prototypes of course , would be ready just one month earlier. Also rumors say that the Honda Performance Development is working with the NSX team to develop a special model.


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