BMW i3 SuperBowl ad

BMW i3 SuperBowl ad


The Super Bowl XLIX will start at February 1st. This year at the University of Phoenix Stadium the New England Patriots will face the Seattle Seahawks. The importance of the event is such that advertisements in the breaks of the game are sold for way too much money.

BMW i3 SuperBowl ad

BMW has prepared their own commercial for the Super Bowl, that involves Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric, two famous journalists. The spot refers to a discussion that the two journalists had which took place in 1994 during the Today Show. The two journalist said that they were not “amazed” with the new email address of the editorial team. Something that today may seem comical, but in 1994 the Internet, as they themselves said, was hard to imagine and understand.

Then the scene shifts to the present day, where Gumbel and Couric are aboard the new BMW i3, only to say the same thing that they said twenty years ago. The message of BMW, is that we should all get used to new ideas and that the BMW i3 may evolve as the Internet has evolved.


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