Car Legends: Ferrari 348 Zagato Elaborazione

Car Legends Ferrari 348 Zagato Elaborazione


Between 1991 and 1992, some owners of the 348 wanted something different for their cars, at least in terms of design and so the 348 Zagato Elaborazione was born.

Car Legends Ferrari 348 Zagato Elaborazione

The bodywork of the car was rounder, it had large NACA-type air vents on the sides, redesigned bumpers, a front hood with new vents and new mirrors.

The engine cover was made of glass, a discreet spoiler was added, which was controlled by a switch in the dashboard and the car had also new lights.

Internally, the car had new seats that offered better lateral support and had leather upholstery, while it also had a Momo steering wheel and a screen that displayed the video of the camera that was located on the mirrors.

Mechanically, the 3.4-liter V8 engine of the car was not modified and it produced 300 hp at 7,200 rpm. Zagato had announced that they would produce the car in a limited production of 22 units, but only 10 were built. Each Elaborazione, however, was slightly different from the other and they were available in three colors: red, yellow and silver.