Gordon Murray talks about the McLaren F1

Gordon Murray talks about the McLaren F1


The legendary McLaren F1, has become 25 years old and to celebrate this, McLaren prepared a video in which the creator of the F1, Gordon Murray analyzes the design solutions that made the car so special.

Gordon Murray talks about the McLaren F1

Murray explains that many technological solutions that were applied then in the car, stemmed directly from Formula 1 and the racing cars of McLaren. He said that the three-seat cabin layout was not made just for the driver to feel special, but mainly for the car’s pedals to be perfectly aligned with the seat and the driver’s body, since on supercars of that era the pedals were located near the center of the cabin.

He also notes that the ram air, air intake, was the same as in the Formula 1 cars and that it helped, to increase engine performance on high speeds.

It’s worth taking a few minutes to listen to one of the most ingenious practicing designers/engineers, analysing the technical solutions implemented to create a car that is truly legendary.


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