Honda will bring the R300 in Monza, next week

Honda Motor Co. wanted to commemorate the 50 anniversary of the win of the RA 300 on the track of Monza and will bring the car to the famous track, before theRead More »

Belgian GP 2017 results

Lewis Hamilton has won one of the toughest victories this year, at the Belgian Grand Prix. Hamilton was followed, throughout the race by Sebastian Vettel, whoRead More »

The first images of the renewed two-seater Formula 1 car

F1 wants to have by next year, two two-seater cars in every race, to offer the experience of being in the car to viewers. The supervisor for the project is theRead More »

Haas VF17

Haas presented their new racing car for the 2017 season of Formula 1. The nose of the car is changed, while the elements of the front wing are also diversified, withRead More »

Ferrari SF70H

Ferrari unveiled its new car for the 2017 season of Formula 1. It is named Ferrari SF70H and it is a clear homage to the 70th birthday of Ferrari, accompanied byRead More »

Force India VJM10

Force India presented the VJM10. The car has a different front part, compared to the VJM09, with its front spoiler being modified slightly. The brake ducts are the same, the front suspensionRead More »

Renault R.S.17

Renault presented in London their new car for the 2017 season of F1. The French manufacturer returned last year in Formula 1 with a team of its own and this yearRead More »

Sauber C36

Sauber presented the C36. The Swiss team revealed the first pictures of the their new formula one car, with which they hope to win the championship. The car has a biggerRead More »

The changes for the 2017 season of F1

Only some days are remaining, until the 2017 season starts, with the winter testing, beginning on 27 February. The differences on the cars of this year's seasonRead More »

The payments of each F1 driver for 2017

Formula 1 drivers are considered to be the world's best-paid athletes and according to Fox News, the 20 drivers will earn this year from $150,000 up to $40 million.Read More »

Four Marussia F1 cars for sale

Four fully functional F1 cars of Marussia will soon be auctioned by John Pye's Luxury Assets. The cars are the VR01, MVR02, MR01 and MR02, that raced in theRead More »

Mercedes celebrates the Formula 1 constructors championship

Like last year, also this year Mercedes AMG celebrated the world championship for constructors after the end of the Russian Grand Prix. The team continued toRead More »

F1 cars will produce 1,000 bhp from 2017

People of Formula 1 and engine manufacturers, after a meeting at the circuit of Bahrain decided that the power units will be upgraded to start producing close or over 1,000 bhp from 2017, but the engines will still be 1.6 liter V6. The increase in power will be achieved, by increasing the maximum fuel flow.Read More »

Renderings of how the 2017 F1 cars can look like

It is certain that unitl 2017 there will be many changes on the design and regulations in F1. Rumors say that the cars will acquire aggressive looking designs, in order for F1 to attract younger people.Read More »

David Coulthard doing donuts with the RB7

Red Bull Racing organized an event in Hyderabad, one of the largest cities of India, with David Coulthard doing colorful donuts in the colors of Red Bull, with aRead More »

GP Bahrain 2015 results

Lewis Hamilton won at the GP of Bahrain, the Champion was not threatened, by virtually anyone, from the beginning until the end, controlling the pace. Kimi Raikkonen got theRead More »

Malaysia GP 2015 results

Ferrari won today's F1 race with Sebastian Vettel trying a different strategy, managing to preserve his tires. The Scuderia hadits last win 2 years ago in the Spanish GP of 2013Read More »

GP of Australia 2015 results

Lewis Hamilton got his first victory this year, but he struggled to keep the first position, while Nico Rosberg followed him on the second positionRead More »

Ferrari Concept shows the future design of its F1 cars

Ferrari wanting to show us how its future Formula 1 cars would look like, designed the concept that you see in the pictures.Read More »

The F1 Team of Caterham will go to auction

Caterham may be among the participants of this year’s championship, but the economic situation of the team can not allow them to compete. The auction of the team’s belongings will begin on March 11 with the equipment of the pit and exhibition cars, while the following days the remaining stuff of the British team will be sold. Among […]Read More »

Sauber C34

Sauber presented the C34. The colors of the Swiss team changed, compared with the previous years. The Design of the features new smaller sidepods, compared with the C33, although the cooling requirements of the new Ferrari engine are larger.Read More »

Ferrari SF15-T

Ferrari present their new F1 car. The rear part of the car is narrower, making the car produce larger amounts of vertical wind power, with Ferrari to design the rear spoiler from scratch.Read More »

McLaren MP4-30

McLaren presented the MP4-30. The coloring of the new F1 car with which McLaren-Honda wants to return to its winning ways, features the traditional silver, used by the British in recent years, with a red line that starts from the nose of the car, and ends on the rear.Read More »

Toro Rosso STR10

Scuderia Toro Rosso presented its new car for 2015, the SRT10. The drivers of the Scuderia Toro Rosso for 2015 will be Carlos Sainz Junior and Max Verstappen.Read More »

Mercedes W06

Mercedes AMG Petronas, in Jerez presented their new car, the W06, whith which the team will try to repeat the successes they had in 2014. The W06 is essentially a major upgrade at all levels of the W05.Read More »

Red Bull RB11

Infiniti Red Bull Racing presented their new F1 car before the tests of Jerez. Though the new RB11 went to the track camouflaged with a black and white coloring, so that the team’s opponents can not easily distinguish the changes made to the car.Read More »

The new F1 car of Ferrari will be named SF15-T

Ferrari announced that their new F1 car will be called SF15-T. The first two letters are the initials of the Scuderia Ferrari, followed by the current year and the letter “T”, which means Turbo. The presentation of the car will be done on the 30th of the month.Read More »

Lotus E23

Lotus presented their F1 car for the 2015 season. The Lotus E23 Hybrid will be the new car of the British company which will race in 2015 and will try to bring the team to a good position.Read More »

Force India VJM08

Force India presented the VJM08, their F1 car for 2015, the presentation took place shortly after 5 pm at the Soumaya Museum of Mexico City, the country which is an important market for the sponsors of the Indian team.Read More »

Williams FW37

Williams presented their new F1 car, for the 2015 championship, called FW37. The car features a low, yet wide new nose and it is an evolution of the FW36.Read More »

Haas bought the Marussia factory

A few days ago came all the assets of Marussia were for sale. Apart from older cars, their accessories and uniforms of the drivers of the small group, were auctioned also the facilities. Gene Haas, owner of the American team that will participate in the 2016 Formula 1, had shown an early interest, stating:Read More »

Mercedes celebrating the Formula 1 Driver World Championship

The celebrations of the Mercedes AMG did not stop in Abu Dhabi, when they completed this season. The dominance of the German team was so big that the drivers of the team and many Mercedes officials decided to gather in Stuttgart, outside of the office of Mercedes-Benz.Read More »

Carlos Sainz will be the driver of Toro Rosso for 2015

Toro Rosso, announced its second driver for 2015, which is Carlos Sainz Jr. The son of the twice champion of WRC (1990 and 1992), Carlos Sainz, is 20 years old, so he will constitute together with Verstappen the youngest driver duo in Formula 1.Read More »

Ferrari F1 motorhome up for sale

The huge two-story motorhome used by Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1 from 2003 until 2013, with Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, is up for sale.Read More »

GP of Abu Dhabi 2014 results

Lewis Hamilton won his second world championship in the last race of the year! On the podium was also and Rosberg and Valtteri Bottas, which were followed by Daniel Ricciardo, Jenson Button, Nico Hulkenberg, Sergio Perez, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen.Read More »

Perez will remain on Force India for the next years

Sergio Perez will remain with Force India, with which he has signed a multiple year contract. The official announcement was released today.Read More »

Abu Dhabi GP 2014 qualifying results

Nico Rosberg won his 11th pole position for this year, he was extremely quick, unlike Lewis Hamilton, who made mistakes that resulted him being on the second position. Valtteri Bottas came third and he was faster than Felipe Massa, who was followed by Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel, Daniil Kvyat, Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso. You can see the […]Read More »

Red Bull Racing RB3 up for sale

A real, fully functional Red Bull Racing RB3 Formula 1 of 2007 equipped with a V8 engine is up for sale. It is the only car of Red Bull not owned by the team and it was the first model designed by Adrian Newey on behalf of Red Bull. The car was driven by Mark Webber in the GP of […]Read More »

Marussia is officially folded

The deadline that the team of Marussia had, to find a buyer ended yesterday and with it the hopes of any future for Marussia in Formula 1, the administrator of the team, Geoff Rowley, the last few weeks, said:Read More »

GP of Brazil 2014

Nico Rosberg was the first driver to see the checkered flag. Lewis Hamilton followed at the second place, with Kimi Raikkonen being third. Behind Raikkonen there was Daniel Ricciardo, Valtteri Bottas, Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Daniil Kvyat, Sebastian Vettel and Kevin Magnussen.Read More »

Felipe Nasr will race with Sauber for 2015

Sauber chose to change both their drivers for 2015. Felipe Nasr, who was yet a third driver of Williams, will be located next year alongside Marcus Ericsson. The chairman of the group, Monisha Kaltenborn, said:Read More »

GP USA 2014 results

Lewis Hamilton scored his 5th consecutive victory in Austin, which happens for the first time in his career. This was the 10th victory this year for the 29 year old, who increased the gap between him and Nico Rosberg by 24 degrees. Joining them on the podium today was Daniel Ricciardo at the third place. They were followed by […]Read More »

Marcus Ericsson will be the driver of Sauber for 2015

The one of the two drivers for Sauber for the 2015 F1 will be Marcus Ericsson, who races with the Caterham F1 Team. The Swiss team, via the President of the group, Monisha Kaltenborn, said:Read More »

GP of Russia 2014 results

Lewis Hamilton had his fourth consecutive victory and ninth for the year. The Mercedes scored for the ninth time this year, the “1-2”, thus conquering the World Championships. Along with the drivers of the German team on the podium was also Valtteri Bottas, who could now compete with the “Silver Arrows”, although Rosberg dropped to last place […]Read More »

GP of Russia 2014 Qualifying results

The sunshine and temperatures of 17 ° C on the pavement and 21 ° C on the asphalt were great for today’s qualifying race. On a track that is constantly improving and changing characteristics, the first  goal of the team members and pilots was to find the right set-up for qualifying and the race, with Lewis […]Read More »

GP of Japan 2014 results

Lewis Hamilton scored his eighth win of the season and his third consecutive, in the dramatic race of Japan. The weather forecast for rain was confirmed, especially at the start of the race, Nico Rosberg was limited to the second place, ahead of Sebastian Vettel, who was third.Read More »

Singapore GP 2014 results

Winner of today’s GP of Singapore GP is Lewis Hamilton. In second place we find Sebastian Vettel, while the third place went to Daniel Ricciardo.Read More »

GP of Italy 2014 results

Winner of the GP of Italy in the historic Monza track is Lewis Hamilton, after an exciting race. On the second place was Nico Rosberg, while in the third place Felipe Massa. The weather was flawless, with 25 degrees in the air and 44 on the road, but also the good sunshine created perfect conditions for an exciting […]Read More »

GP of Italy 2014 Qualifying results

The qualifying session for tomorrow’s Italian GP at the legendary racetrack of Monza has been completed, with Lewis Hamilton winning the pole position, Nico Rosberg in the second position and Valtteri Bottas in the third.You can see the full results on the table below.Read More »

GP of Belgium 2014 results

Daniel Ricciardo celebrated his third victory this season celebrated today, with first place finish at the Belgian GP. In the second step of the podium was Nico Rosberg and in the third was Valtteri Bottas. You can review the full race results on the table below the image.Read More »

British GP results

Lewis Hamilton celebrated his 5th victory this year and the 27th in his career, in today’s dramatic British Grand Prix. After the accident of Kimi Raikkonen at the start, the red flag caused a one hour stoppage, but the match ended abruptly and for Rosberg with a gearbox problem. At the podium, along with Hamilton was the […]Read More »

British GP qualifying results

Today’s qualifying round for the British Grand Prix was exciting, due to the very changeable weather prevailed in the region. Nico Rosberg will started the race from the best position, with Sebastian Vettel being next. Button took advantage of the circumstances and perfectly and scored his third fastest time, ahead of Hulkenberg, Magnussen, Hamilton, Perez, Ricciardo, […]Read More »

GP of Austria 2014 results

The two Mercedes of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, made ​​a tactical race and managed to win the first and second positions proving that this year the German company is performing extremely well. In third place was the excellent Valtteri Bottas, with Williams, who drove very well.The full list of the results follows below.Read More »

Old F1 cars made of legos

We have seen many Lego cars. From classic racing cars to life sized, functional cars. Luca Rusconi years now, uses Legos, to revive historical cars ( in a smaller scale).Read More »

Michael Schumacher is out of his coma

Six and a half months have passed since the accident of Michael Schumacher, when he was skiing with his family in the French Alps. Michael fell into a coma, with his life being in great danger due to severe traumatic brain injury. Today, Sabine Kehm, his manager, confirmed the good news that were circulating the […]Read More »

GP of Monaco 2014 results

Nico Rosberg had his second win of the season and the sixth of his career conquering the Grand Prix of Monaco, finishing ahead of the second Lewis Hamilton who was followed by Daniel Ricciardo, who was not able to overtake Hamilton. On the board below you can see the detailed results.Read More »

Mercedes AMG and Petronas renewed their partnership

Mercedes AMG and Petronas renewed their partnership, without the contract expiry being made known.Read More »

GP of Spain 2014 results

Mercedes was unstoppable today, with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg! The two drivers were again in a tough fight between them, but Hamilton was able to win, over Rosberg, reaching the fourth win of the season, which was also continuous, again breaking his own record. Rosberg fell to second place, once again, while at the podium was […]Read More »

Bahrain GP 2014 results

Lewis Hamilton celebrated the second consecutive victory for this year, who nearly lost by his team-mate, when the safety car was almost nullified the 10 seconds that separated him from Nico Rosberg. At the podium was also Sergio Perez, with Force India showing an excellent performance today in Bahrain.Read More »

2014 Formula 1 Bahrain qualifying

Mercedes tool the third consecutive pole position in Bahrain, with Nico Rosberg being one who will start from the first position tomorrow, after him we find Lewis Hamilton.The Germans were truly invincible today and Ricciardo was the first of the other combinations , although he will start from the 13th position, because of the punishment […]Read More »

Malaysia GP 2014 results

What Mercedes was not make in Australia, made it in Malaysia, Lewis Hamilton not threatened at any point by Nico Rosberg, with excellent tire management in dry track, got his first victory this year and the second with the German team. Joining them on the podium was Sebastian Vettel, who was very close to Rosberg.Read More »

Australian GP 2014 results

Mercedes AMG got their first win of the season, with great ease, but the winner was not Lewis Hamilton, but Nico Rosberg! The British driver had trouble with the engine and left early, and was followed a little later by Sebastian Vettel, who had himself a corresponding problem. Daniel Ricciardo and Kevin Magnussen were in the […]Read More »


The circuit of Sepang today was soaked before the start of the qualifying race. Even in wet conditions, however, Mercedes showed its speed and Lewis Hamilton will be again at the pole position in the race tomorrow. Sebastian Vettel will be after him, while in the second row of the start will be Nico Rosberg and Fernando […]Read More »

Nick Chester: At Barcelona we will be at the level we want

Lotus encountered the first Grand Prix of the season as another winter test and not as an opportunity to get points or compete with other groups. The many economic problems encountered by the team last year and this year seem to have been resolved after the sponsorship package of Maldonado.Read More »

The new steering wheel of the Mercedes W05

Formula 1 has changed and has entered a new era, an era in which new technologies are applied in engines and beyond.Read More »

Today would be the 54th birthday of Ayrton Senna

Today 54 years ago was born one of the top,if not the top, drivers ever passed by Formula 1. Google, to honor the life and passion of Ayrton Senna da Silva, placed in their main page a “Doodle”, which is dedicates to him.Read More »

How Pirelli F1 tires handle water

The tires are known as the key sector in the performance of an F1 car, let alone when conditions require the installation of rainwater or intermediate tires as the cars have to move with great speed and safety in each track.Read More »

Coulthard says that Di Resta needs a role in Formula 1

Paul Di Resta lost this year his position on the grid of Formula 1, after 3 consecutive years in the team of Force India. The only option was the one with prospects of a return to DTM, with the team of Mercedes. Di Resta took the title in this event in 2005, but his only […]Read More »

Marussia MR03

Marussia announced its new F1 car for 2014, the MR03. Some last-minute problems delayed by two days the car from testing at Jerez. The team of engineers worked non-stop since yesterday afternoon, when the car arrived at Jerez and finally they managed to have it ready today at 4, for the first exit from the […]Read More »

Caterham CT05

Caterham presented their F1 car for this year with some delay, since the problems that were encountered, forced engineers to work throughout the night in order to have the CT05 ready for the first laps of Marcus Ericsson.Read More »

Sahara Force India VJM07

Force India is one of the most interesting groups of 2014, in the words of Vijay Mallya, the engine of the Mercedes lying on her back is considered the best in the new turbo era and the drivers are very talented and willing to show a lot.Read More »

Red Bull RB10

Infiniti Red Bull Racing presented early in the morning this year’s car the RB10. The Red Bull RB10 wants to continue the infallible work of the past years and again win both the drivers’ and constructors championships, as it did last season with the RB9.Read More »

Mercedes W05

Mercedes AMG F1 for a few days now it is slowly revealing it’s F1 car to the public. This official presentation of the W05 was made this morning in Jerez.Read More »

Toro Rosso STR9

The new Toro Rosso was unveiled today in Jerez. The second team of Red Bull, which this year will use Renault engines, will have as drivers, Daniil Kvyat and Jean-Eric Vergne, who has already driven the new car.Read More »

Sauber C33

Sauber officially unveiled its new car. This year the team-s drivers will be Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez.The C33 will be using the power unit of Ferrari, this will be the fifth consecutive year of collaboration between Sauber and Scuderia in the engine department. In fact, the 059 /3 will be the first turbo engine […]Read More »

Ferrari F14 T

The new F1 car of Ferrari called F14 T was presented in Maranello, Italy. At first glance we see that Ferrari chose a pull rod front suspension. The sidepod of the F14 T is larger than the last year, due to the increased in cooling requirements of the new 059/3, while the smaller engine cover […]Read More »

Williams FW36

Williams presented the Williams FW36, their F1 car for 2014. Also Force India may have an anteater nose, which as it turned from earlier statements by Adrian Newey, will also be used by the new Red Bull F1car.Read More »

Lotus E22

At the same time the McLaren unveiled its new MP4-29, Lotus published via Twitter their new car. With the conflict between the two groups increasing, simultaneously rumours about an agreement between Eric Boullier and the British team are also increasing.Read More »

McLaren MP4-29

McLaren Mercedes officially unveiled through its internet site their new F1 car for 2014, called MP4-29. The British team hopes that the MP4-29will be more advanced in comparison to the previous year’s car, the MP4-28, which was a F1 car with several design errors.Read More »

Mercedes-Benz presented its engine for the F1

Mercedes AMG revealed today their PU106A engine, which will be used by Force India, McLaren and Williams. The engines for this years F1 are going to be called “power units”.Read More »

Pirelli tires will be used in F1 until 2016

Since it was already decided that Pirelli will be the exclusive tire supplier for Formula 1, it was just a matter of days to publicize the conditions of the agreement between the Italian tire company and the FIA. So, according to FIA , Pirelli will supply all the Formula 1 teams over the next three years , starting […]Read More »

The numbers of F1 drivers for 2014

FIA announced the numbers that the drivers of F1 will have on their cars. From the list two drivers of Caterham and one of Marussia are missing, as they still has not been clear who they will be. The champion of 2013 Sebastian Vetel has chosen not to have another number and as usual will […]Read More »

Schumacher's manager says that the worst has passed

The latest news about the condition of Michael Schumacher are pleasant, even though he is on the ninth consecutive day in artificial coma . Although rumors had circulated , we expect statements from persons who know exactly what happens , as the doctors and the manager , Sabine Kehm, which told El Mundo Deportivo that […]Read More »

Schumacher out of danger, says Streiff

According to Gerard Saillant, who had operated on the Michael Schumacher after his accident at Silverstone in 1999 and who rushed to the hospital in Grenoble, where Schumacher was hospitalized, Schumacher is out of danger. This information was made public by Philippe Streiff, former Formula 1 driver and friend of Schumacher, who said that he is not a […]Read More »

GP of Singapore: Saturday free trials

The third and final practice session just completed , with Sebastian Vettel still ranking first . The second place went to Romain Grosjean, with Rosberg finishing third and Mark Webber, fourth . Vettel’s time was only 76 thousands of a second faster than yesterday’s FP2.  Alonso and Massa finished 1.084 and 1.762 seconds behind Vettel, […]Read More »

Vettel says that he will miss Weber

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, were teammates for years where due to various circumstances, they do not have the best relations between them, and every year something happens which intensifies their relations. The incident that happened this year in Malaysia, it seems to make Mark Webber angry, and while he was the first, he lost […]Read More »

Button tried the one pit stop strategy

McLaren has made ​​the best of this year’s race at Spa. Sixth place both in qualifying and the race for Jenson Button, who also made the second fastest lap of the race. The strategy followed by the team with Jenson, was different from that calculated at the beginning of the race. Button tried to just […]Read More »

Grand Prix of Belgium, Vettel winner at Spa

Sebastian Vettel was the winner of this year’s Belgian GP at Spa, having passed on the first round the poleman, Lewis Hamilton, not threatened by anyone in the 44 rounds that followed before the checkered flag dropped. In second place  was Fernando Alonso, who managed and moved to this position from the 9th that proceeded, […]Read More »