Old Concept Cars: Subaru B9 Scrambler

Old Concept Cars: Subaru B9 Scrambler


Subaru presented the B9 Scrambler Concept at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show. It was the roadster version of the B11S, whose presentation was made in the Geneva auto show, of the same year. The B9 was just a concept and it never was in the plans of the Japanese company, to send it into production.

Old Concept Cars: Subaru B9 Scrambler

It was equipped with a hybrid set, that consisted of an internal combustion engine of 2.0 liters producing 138 hp and an electric motor delivering 134 hp. It could move solely with the electric motor, up to 80 km/hour. It had cameras in the front and the rear to warn the driver in case of danger, while it also had a lane change warning system and an all-wheel drive system.

The B9 Scrambler was a highly interesting proposal several years ago, since it had a powerful powertrain, an all-wheel-drive system, an interesting appearance and advanced technology for that era.


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