Skoda Snowman / Grand Yeti 2015

Skoda Snowman 2015,
Skoda Snowman 2015,

The CEO of Skoda, Winfried Vahland, anounced that the Czech company is working on a new SUV, which will be a seven seater.

The truth is that the Skoda Yeti is one of the most popular compact SUV’s on the market and its affordable price makes it even more competitive against the growing number of crossovers and compact off-road vehicles.

Skoda’s new SUV’s will be physically larger than the Yeti and will be sold in Europe, Russia and China. The new off-road model of Skoda is expected to launch in 2015 and will be a competitor of the Hyundai Santa Fe. The rumors so far want the name of the new SUV to be “Snowman” or “Grand Yeti” but that remains to be seen in the future.

The new Skoda’s crossover will be based on a stretched version of the famous MQB platform of the VW Group. From the information available so far, the new project of Skoda will be similar to the VW CrossBlue in Detroit, which is a 7 seater SUV, mainly aimed for the American market.
Skoda’s goal is to be able to sell 100.000 units of the new SUV each year.