Car Legends: BMW 2800 CS

Car Legends BMW 2800 CS

The 2800 CS was the first model of the series E9 coupes that replaced the 2000 C and 2000 CS in 1968. The car had a longer wheelbase and more space for its engine, in order to accommodate the new M30 6-cylinder engine. In addition its front part was clearly more beautiful than that of the 2000 CS.

Car Legends BMW 2800 CS

The general design of the 2800 CS borrowed some elements from the 3200CS (1962-1965) that was designed by Bertone. Its 2,788 cc engine was the same as the engine of the E3 Series, producing 177 hp at 6,000 rpm.

The 2800 CS, which was the basic model of the E9 coupes, it remained in production until 1971 and it was produced in 8,232 units for the European market and 1,167 for the American market. The series of coupes E9 was replaced in 1976 by the 6 Series E24.