Honda patented a Targa roof for the S660


Some new pictures from the US patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which show us the patent registration for a Targa roof on what seems to be a Honda S660, were leaked online.

The photos show a removable roof for the Honda S660. According to the patent, Honda’s plan is to achieve a balance between the open feeling of a targa vehicle and the ease of a simple opening/closing of the roof. The panels will be made of fabric with the metal frame to snap to the top of the windshield and at a point of the roof, behind the passengers.

The company states that the operation of the roof could be either electric, or manual, depending on how they will implement their idea. This concept eliminates the need for storage space. Honda also stated that when you want to see the dynamic performance of the vehicle at maximum, such as when driving on a track, you can detach the whole unit of the roof, thus reducing the weight of the car.