VOLKSWAGEN CrossBlue Concept

VOLKSWAGEN CrossBlue Concept
VOLKSWAGEN CrossBlue Concept

After the European VW Cross Coupe that was presented at Geneva, VW unveils CrossBlue a U.S. version of a hybrid four-wheel drive SUV.Starting from the familiar platform MQB VW shows in the U.S. a prototype SUV which will be a precursor of a new model that will be positioned between Tiguan and Touareg.The CrossBlue Concept and the model that will emerge, will focus exclusively on the U.S. and Canada and is designed with the needs of these markets.

The original model has dimensions of 4.986 m long, 2.014 m wide and 1.732 m high and currently has six seater structure, however, the production version will be converted to seven seats.

The CrossBlue will be using a hybrid set consisting of a TDI Clean Diesel engine with 190 hp and two electric powered engines of 54 hp and 114 hp respectively which will be powered by lithium-ion batteries of 9,8 kWh.

In terms of layout, the less powerful motor will be mounted on the front axle and together with either the diesel or independently undertakes the movement of the front wheels.The second electric motor will be mounted on the rear axle and undertakes the movement of the rear wheels and intervenes when the driver chooses either the four-wheel drive configuration or movement with exclusive use of the electric engines.

The distance that can be traveled in the CrossBlue based solely on battery power, does not exceed 22.5 km but the gross consumption of the SUV with the assistance of the hybrid system is 6.7 litres/100 km and the total autonomy is 1,064 km.

In terms of performance, the German SUV promises the completion of 0-95 km. / Hour in 7.2 seconds while reaching a top speed of 204 km. / Hr and 121 km. / Hour in electric mode.