Car Legends: De Tomaso Deauville

Car Legends De Tomaso Deauville

De Tomaso wanted to add a luxury saloon to its range of cars and so they presented the Deauville at the Turin Motor Show in the fall of 1970. The car was equipped with a small block 5.7-liter V8 Ford engine, the same engine as the Pantera, that produced 330 hp.

Car Legends De Tomaso Deauville

The Deauville was a large sedan with four doors, with performance that was very good for its time (it had a top speed of 230 km/h) and it was the main competitor of the Jaguar XJ12. It had good handling, thanks to its independent rear suspension, similar to that of the Jaguar. From 1975 and onwards the Deauville had the same chassis as the Maserati Quattroporte, since De Tomaso, bought Maserati in 1975.

The car was designed by Ghia. In total only 244 Deauville were built in three series: Series 1 1970-1974, second series 1 1975-1977 and series 2 1978-1985. Besides the classic saloon,a Deauville wagon was built for De Tomaso’s wife and an armored sedan for the Royal family of Belgium and one for the Italian Government.