The new Volkswagen Scirocco will be an electric car

The new Volkswagen Scirocco will be an electric car

The new generation of the Volkswagen Scirocco will a sporty two-door electric coupe, according to rumors. The new Scirocco will be based on the brand new MEB platform that was especially developed for electric models of Volkswagen.

The new Volkswagen Scirocco will be an electric car

The car will have many common parts with the forthcoming electric models of the I.D range of Volkswagen. The existing Scirocco has begun being gradually marginalized in the existing range of VW, which is focused more to new SUV models.

The use of the electric MEB platform will enable the designers and engineers to stay loyal to the proportions of a compact coupe, while at the same time allowing them to give the car a spacious interior.

The battery of the car will be mounted horizontally under the floor, to achieve a lower center of gravity, but the lack of an internal combustion engine will free a lot of space in front of the driver and will allow a much more bigger cabin.

The new Scirocco will probably be released in 2022. The modular structure of the batteries will allow Volkswagen to offer the Scirocco EV in different versions, with an estimated autonomy between 320 and 600 km.

The basic model will produce close to 170 hp, while the top model of the range will deliver over 300 hp, having also a bigger battery and more powerful electric motors. A four-wheel drive system will probably be available, given that the MEB platform is designed to accommodate electric motors on both axles.

The final design of the electric Scirocco has not been decided yet, but it is expected to adopt many elements from the Volkswagen I.D. Concept that was presented last year at the Paris motor show. This means that it will have many edges, a wide and impressive mask and equally impressive LED lights. Reportedly the prototype we saw in Paris is based on the shorter form of the MEB platform, so we assume that the new Scirocco will have a similar wheelbase.