1000 hp Toyota Supra for sale

1000 hp Toyota Supra for sale


The Toyota Supra mk4 is one of the most modified cars out there, with unmodified cars to be extremely rare, every single Supra I have seen had at least some minor engine modifications, but this one is one of the most extreme, with its engine producing 1,000 hp!

1000 hp Toyota Supra for sale

The car is painted in a red color and it features a new body kit with new side skirts, Sparco seats and steering wheel, a 6 point roll cage, iForged wheels and much more aftermarket equipment.

Its engine features an HKS T51R single turbp, a HKS intercooler, HKS exhaust and a carbon twin disk clutch. The car has reached a price of $42,699 at the moment, with the ebay auction ending in 4 days and 18 hours.


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