2018 Hesketh Valiant Supercharged

2018 Hesketh Valiant Supercharged


Hesketh presented the Valiant Supercharged. Unlike the other cafe racer motorcycles of the brand, this model brings the performance and aesthetic to the extreme. The bike has an aggressive look and it is painted in shades of black and red.

2018 Hesketh Valiant Supercharged

It is equipped with a 2,163 cc V-Twin turbocharged engine that produces 210 hp, which can reach up to 250 hp, with a bit of tuning. The bikes’ torque reaches 294 Nm.

Many parts on the bike are made of billet aluminum. The bike is a beautiful piece of English craftsmanship that will be built in a small number of copies and it will have a price of £50,000.


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