4C Bicycle based on Alfa Romeo 4C

4C Bicycle based on Alfa Romeo 4C
4C Bicycle based on Alfa Romeo 4C

An impressive bike based on the new sporty two-seater , the 4C was developed by Alfa Romeo: the 4C IFD.

Designed by the Alfa Romeo Style Centre and the Compagnia Ducale and the acronym IFD ( for Innovative Frame Design) it features a framework as light as possible . To achieve this, they chose materials that combine lightness and efficiency.

The innovative cross- section of the frame -shaped «C», showing a structure of carbon, the profile converging towards the nodes of the handle , the chain and the seat, form a structural strength point of steel to enhance the specific construction of the frame.

Sporty, lightweight and innovative , this limited production 4C bike is made ​​entirely by hand in Italy for lovers of unique and exclusive objects. It will be available from December 2013 in Europe , Asia and America .




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