Button tried the one pit stop strategy


McLaren has made ​​the best of this year’s race at Spa. Sixth place both in qualifying and the race for Jenson Button, who also made the second fastest lap of the race. The strategy followed by the team with Jenson, was different from that calculated at the beginning of the race.

Button tried to just make a pit-stop but, as he stressed in his statements, the nervousness in the pit-wall made ​​them change tires earlier than ideal.

Belgian Grand Prix, Spa 22-25 August 2013

“One stop was a consideration, but we pitted too early on the first stint,” he said. “We went for a two-stop and then tried to go back to a one- but there was no way we were going to do 12 more laps on those tyres. We pitted and it was the best thing to do because it’s better to be chasing than being the one being overtaken.

“It was alright. It was a little bit off what we wanted, but we weren’t that far behind third – 13 seconds behind third and just behind a Red Bull. It’s definitely a step forward, but there are still some areas where we thought we’d be better here and we are not.”