Ducati Panigale 1199 R

Ducati Panigale 1199 R
Ducati Panigale 1199 R

Ducati presented at EICMA the R Panigale 1199 raising the flag of war to other manufacturers.
The «R» superbike emblem returns to the Italian company, and that means even greater specificity for the environment of a racetrack.
The most important change on the Panigale has to do with the V-2 of 1,198 cc, which gained lightweight titanium connecting rods, 0.63 kg lighter compared to the standard, but also a lighter by 0.7 kg flywheel, two changes that significantly improve agility and response of the engine. The rpm limit is increased by 500 rpm taking the max rpm limit to 12,000 rpm. Finally, the rocker arms have received special coating for increased durability and reduced friction.

Regarding the frame of the bike the only difference from the Panigale is the height adjustable swing arm mount (+, -2 mm. in height).
At the same time, the R version uses carbon fiber which has been used on the clutch cover, fender to the rear wheel, in the heel protector, in the ignition lock and inside the fairing.

The race kit of 1199 R includes the Termignoni exhaust with its own mapping for spraying larger windscreen and aluminum caps in place of mirrors.

According to Ducati, changes to the motor, combined with race kit increases power output of the engine by 3% (200.85 hp!), while increasing performance by 15% . The dry weight of the motorcycle is 165 kg with the the ABS standard, just one pounds over the base model.

Finally, because of the «R» version, Ducati proceeded to upgrade the software in the electronic parts in every Panigale,so that they are always up to date.