Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo with 600 horsepower !

Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo
Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo

Latest reports indicate that the fast version of the Ferrari 458 Italia will be unveiled at the Frankfurt autoshow this September.

So far it is known that it will be named Monte Carlo with the car being lighter than the normal version and using some elements from the  458 Challenge, but also the know-how gained evolving the LaFerrari. Regarding the transmission rumors say that it will be equipped with  a single clutch that can be able to handle the increased horsepower and torque of the model. The other solution is to use the existing transmission with advanced and new gearing speeds.

Other changes are expected to be larger brakes, tighter suspension and better tires. Mechanically the V8 engine will reach 600 horsepower, wearing new forged connecting rods, reprogrammed ECU, more “free” evaporation and the limiter coming up to 9,300 rpm from 9,000 rpm that it is now.