New BMW F 800 GS Adventure

New BMW F 800 GS Adventure
New BMW F 800 GS Adventure

The Adventure version of the F 800 GS was presented by BMW. The design of the new version differs significantly from the F 800 GS, which was renewed last year. The side plastics on the tank have risen and grown in length giving a more muscular appearance to the motorcycle. The saddle  completely redesigned, which is separated (visually) for rider and the passenger, in two parts. It also features a taller windscreen, protective grilles for the engine and the protective railings at the back, which are the bases for the suitcases. These bars are there to protect the bigger by 8 liters tank (+ 120 km autonomy according to BMW) that swelled aesthetically the back of the bike giving it an aura of racing prototypes running on the Dakar.

Apart from the major fuel tank, which now reaches 24 liters (16 for the simple F 800 GS) other significant changes are identified in the amplified subframe and wider sills at the rider’s position, for comfort in upright riding. The new saddle has grown taller at 890 mm. (10 mm more than the simple GS), and also a lower one of  860 mm. is available as an extra.

All these changes have increased the weight (kg) from 214 to 229. The official fuel consumption is increased from 5.2 to 5.7 liters at a constant speed of 120 km./Hr. Changes in the motor (85 hp and 8,46 Kgm of torque at 7,500 and 5,750 rpm), do not exist. The bike will be available as standard with ABS, while the list of optional accessories includes electrically-adjustable rear suspension and Traction Control.

The new F 800 GS, will be originally produced in a limited edition, of 1,000 motorcycles, called «First Launch». The main feature of this version, which will be available in three trim levels, is the matte paint.


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