Toyota FCV R

Toyota FCV R
Toyota FCV R

The production version of the car we knew as FCV-R Concept, will be presented at the Tokyo Motor Show and will go on sale in 2015. The car will be based on the platform used by the Toyota Sai and the Lexus HS 250h.

The tank can hold up to 5 kg of compressed hydrogen, which means that the car will have a range of about 500 kilometers. Also, when the ” tank ”  gets empty, filling it requires no more than 3 minutes. The engine will produce around 135 hp and the car will cost $ 50.000 .

While Toyota is trying to establish it’s ​​status as a pioneering company, it is not the only one who is going to produce a hydrogen car . The BMW, the Honda, the Hyundai, the Daimler along with Nissan and General Motors have gone long in the race of who will build the most efficient hydrogen fueled car.


There are though many people that say that a hydrogen fueled car can be more harmful to the environment in comparison to an electric car also they say that the method to obtain the hydrogen is costly and not clean enough since most of the hydrogen is produced from natural gas.


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