Audi’s booth at CES

Audi's booth at CES


At CES, Audi besides the Prologue piloted driving concept, and the Audi A7 Sportback piloted driving concept, presented several more interesting technologies such as matrix laser light fixtures for the R8 LMX, and “revolutionary operating functions in an prototype screen” on a Q7.

Audi's booth at CES

The “prototype screen” has a large touchpad that supports gestures, with Audi also presenting the new features of the digital dashboards found in the new TT and Q7, and smart her new watch. The Audi Connect now has a LTE connection, it supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and has access to an on-line streaming from Aupeo and Napster.

The smart watch features NFC technology, which replaces the car’s key, with the driver to control with it several vehicle functions such as locking doors, the seat heating, operation of the air conditioning system, the activation of the horn, and several more.

Also the German company presented an inductive charging system that shows the battery charge level through an app on the driver’s smartphone and an innovative parking system through application on a smart phone.


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