BMW 5-Series GT eDrive

BMW 5-Series GT eDrive

BMW presented the 5-Series GT with eDrive and Twin Power Turbo technology. With this car BMW is showing us the engine that will be equipped in its future plug-in hybrid models that will be able to produce up to 680 horses with 1,015 Nm torque.

BMW 5-Series GT eDrive

The electric system has a lithium-ion battery of 20 kWh, that has been placed under the rear seats. When it is fully charged it gives an autonomy of 100 km, with the Twin Power Turbo engine running either as an electricity generator, or as a regular engine, giving power to the front axle. In the second case, the 5-Series GT has a total range of over 595 km.

In the front axle there is another electric motor combined with an 8 speed automatic gearbox, giving the car four-wheel drive when it is required. Thus the total power of all the engines combined reaches 680 hp.

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