BMW M5 Hurricane RR Touring

BMW M5 Hurricane RR Touring

G-Power has prepared a tuning package for the BMW M5, called BMW M5 Hurricane RR Touring. The tuning package allows the 5 liter V10  engine to produce 820 hp with 790 Nm of torque and to have a top speed of 362km/h. The car weighs more than 2 tons and stands on e 20 inch rims.

BMW M5 Hurricane RR Touring

It does the 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, the 0-200 km/h in 9.5 seconds and the 300 km/h in 25.6 seconds. For the entertainment of the passengers, there are monitors everywhere, connected to an iMac and seats upholstered with Alcantara. The interior also features many stitched logos of   G-Power.

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