BMW N63 Customer Care Package



Several BMW’s models equipped with the N63 4,4 liter V8 engine of 407 hp, had reliability problems, with some blocks to crack due to high pressure. Thus the German company decided to withdraw all these cars, through program called N63 Customer Care Package.

BMW N63 Customer Care Package

The recall affects all the cars which are equipped with the problematic engine without limitation of kilometers, even those in which the warranty has expired. On these, BMW will change the battery, the low pressure fuel sensor, the injectors, the air flow sensor, and the lines of vapor, and will check the timing chain.

BMW has announced that the owners of these cars after the change, should change the oil every 10,000 miles/one year, in half the time than it states in the instruction book. Finally BMW will exchange the car with a new if the owner wishes to do so, while all owners of these cars, will be given a $50 gift certificate.


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