BMW presented an autonomous self parking technology

BMW presented an autonomous self parking technology


Before making its official premiere at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas in January, BMW presented the “Remote Valet Parking Assistant” system.

BMW presented an autonomous self parking technology

In essence with the Remote Valet Parking Assistant, you can “send” your car to park itself and when you need it, you can call it with a command in the application of your smart watch. To do all this, the system uses four sophisticated laser scanners to constantly examine the environment around the car and to give the necessary orders to accelerate, brake and steer the car.

All the driver needs to do is to stop at the entrance of the garage and activate the system. It is worth to stress that the garage does not need to be only on one level, as the system operates and directs the car even in multi-storey parkings. Of course, while looking for available space for parking, checking the environment for pedestrians, passing cars and other hazards.

From the moment, that you park the vehicle, it remains stationary until it is called back. It is also worth mentioning that the technology works without using GPS, while it does not require significant changes to the infrastructure of existing parking spaces. BMW has not announced when the system will pass in production cars, but that said that some elements of the system will be used in other systems in the near future.


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