Car Legends: Mazda-Autozam AZ-1

Car Legends Mazda-Autozam AZ-1


The Mazda-Autozam AZ-1 was a sporty kei car, that could be characterized as the smallest supercar in the world. The tiny sports coupe had a weight of 720 kg, with its doors opening upwards, like those of the 300SL Gullwing.

Car Legends Mazda-Autozam AZ-1

It was equipped with a three-cylinder 657 cc turbo 12-valve engine that produced 64 hp, combined with a 5-speed manual transmission. The car was developed by Suzuki, but it was sold also by Mazda, which released it in the market, under the brand of Autozam. Suzuki sold the same car in small quantities with the name Cara.

Mazda had also released the Mazdaspeed version of the car that had an aerodynamic body kit, a sporty suspension, new wheels and a new exhaust tailpipe in stainless steel.


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