Chevrolet Volt teaser video

Chevrolet Volt teaser video


Chevrolet gave a teaser video of the new Volt, 20 days before the official presentation of the car at the Detroit auto show.

Chevrolet Volt teaser video

This time the plug-in hybrid model of the American company, is playing on the snow and ice, with the company to have confirmed last week that the car will have optional energy recovery system using its brakes, with the function to be controlled by the paddles located on the steering wheel. The system allows the driver to activate the energy recovering during deceleration or when he is approaching to a traffic light.

The new Volt will wear a new Voltec set, which consists of the battery, the transmission, the engine that increases the autonomy and the associated electronic systems. The new battery of the car was developed jointly by LG Chem, and the cells have new chemicals that increase energy storage by 20%, when compared with today’s energy storage level. Also, the battery is 13 kilos lighter and it is positioned lower in the vehicle, to improve the center of gravity.


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