Ferrari F14 T

Ferrari F14 T

The new F1 car of Ferrari called F14 T was presented in Maranello, Italy. At first glance we see that Ferrari chose a pull rod front suspension. The sidepod of the F14 T is larger than the last year, due to the increased in cooling requirements of the new 059/3, while the smaller engine cover reveals the planning work done by Italian company.

Ferrari F14 T

Following the lines of the car we reach the back suspension where we note the slightly different brake duct in relation to its predecessor. The brakes are smaller at the rear wheels mean reduced need for cooling a fact that teams will surely try to take advantage of. The car also gains aerodynamic performance with the odd design of the brake duct.

Ferrari F14 T

At the rear of the car, the Italian company decided to use two pillars to stabilize the rear wing , probably passing through it the liquids of the DRS hydraulic system. Chances are, as we see in the animation video,that a newly designed monkey seat (Y100) will be placed behind the exhaust.

The reason that Scuderia preferred to have more black on the back of this year’s car , except design, is to hide details visible to their competitors.

Ferrari F14 T
The actual car may be a little different in comparison to the one Ferrari presented. The actual car will take part on the tests of Jerez.



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