Force India VJM10

Force India VJM10


Force India presented the VJM10. The car has a different front part, compared to the VJM09, with its front spoiler being modified slightly.

Force India VJM10

The brake ducts are the same, the front suspension geometry is the same as last year, while due to the new regulations, the bargeboards are much longer. The air intakes in the sidepods have acquired a more horizontal design, while the elements around them are quite simplistic.

Quite different is the coloring of the VJM10. The car is painted in black, silver, orange and green, but this year the silver color occupies a much larger surface, taking the place of the black color on the back, while the green strip with the car’s name is only found in the bargeboards and not at the bottom of the sidepods. The drivers of the Indian team for this year are the Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon.


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