France wants to remove diesel cars of its streets

France wants to remove diesel cars of its streets

The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls wants to change the preferences of French consumers opting for diesel cars, saying that the traditional preference of French in diesel private car is a mistake to be corrected.

France wants to remove diesel cars of its streets

Valls said among other things that for much time, the government, favored diesel engines, but this was a mistake and it should gradually change, while he also announced a new car assessment and identification system based on emissions of pollutants. The system will come into effect from 2015, with the French government wanting to remove polluting cars from the center of the cities.

The French have a long relationship with the diesel cars, since this began immediately after the end of World War II. The government then reduced the tax on diesel, to give a push to restart the economy, while in the 1980s, the French manufacturers found diesel engines to be more competitive. All these have led the French owners to prefer a diesel car with the percentage of people wanting to buy a diesel car in France reaching 80%, compared with a car that consumes gasoline, LPG, natural gas or electricity.

The French Prime Minister is going to increase the tax on diesel oil. He also announced a new incentive program for the upgrading of old diesel engines and their adaptation to more modern and environmentally friendly standards.


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