Hypetex coloured carbon fibre

Hypetex coloured carbon fibre

Formula 1 engineers managed to create something that seemed impossible a few years ago. Although similar efforts have been made by Prodrive in the past, Hypetex, says it will be the first company that produces colored Carbon fibre in the world.

Hypetex coloured carbon fibre

There is much interest from automakers for the product of the British company, with the potential uses of carbon to be endless. The production of carbon fiber is estimated at 44,000 tonnes per annum and is expected to triple, because of easier manufacturing and distribution over the next six years.

The presentation of the new colored carbon will take place At the British GP, with the CEO of GPF, that owns Hypetex, Marc Cohen, stating:

By following the evolution of Hypetex, industries around the world now have more reasons to use carbon fiber. Not only the high standards of carbon fiber are maintained, but with Hypetex it also seems amazing.


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