Krugger Nurb’s K1600

Krugger Nurb's K1600


The Krugger Nurb’s is based on a BMW K 1600GT, and it won the first prize at the World Championship of Custom Motorcycles.

Krugger Nurb's K1600

The prototype motorcycle with which Fred Betrand became World Champion for 2014 does not resemble at all the bike it is based on.

Krugger chose a 6-cylinder BMW K1600 with 161 hp, to base the Nurb’s K1600, while the NURBS name comes from the mathematical of the model (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline), used very often in the field of computer graphics to create and reproduce developers curves and surfaces.

If you look closely at the Nurb’s, apart from the electronics and the six-cylinder engine, beyond the stunning aluminum hand-made body of the motorcycle, there are still some impressive details that must be mentioned.

First the frame is brand new,while the scissors are also new. The wheels themselves are impressive in size, with the front to be 21 inches, and the rear 20. The brake system features six-piston calipers in front, and four piston at the back. The whole system was adapted to the standard ABS system of BMW, something very difficult according to the designer.

Krugger Nurb's K1600

The refrigerators are mounted on the side of the motorcycle, with the fuel tank located under the seat of the rider and the cap hidden under the tail.


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