Local Motors LITECAR Challenge

Local Motors LITECAR Challenge


Local Motors presented the LITECAR challenge. In short, Local Motors asks inventors, engineers, designers or anyone else who wishes to participate, to design a prototype 5-seat sedan in which weight reduction techniques will be applied.

Local Motors LITECAR Challenge

They are not talking about carbon cars, or removing equipment, but they want their participants to think unconventionally. The company also wants the final vehicle to maintain or improve the current safety standards and to use the existing infrastructure.

The competition starts yesterday, January 3, 2015 and entries will be accepted until March 6 and will be judged by a panel of experts in the following areas: weight reduction, vehicle safety and innovation. The winner will be announced sometime this year and will be awarded a prize of $60,000, the person in the second place will receive $40,000 and the third $20,000.


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