The Lucid Air Launch Edition will cost $165,000

The Lucid Air Launch Edition will cost $165,000


Lucid Motors made known, through their representatives that the Launch Edition of their model, which is called Air, will cost approximately $165,000. According to the new automaker, they are continuing the construction of the factory in Arizona, a factory which will cost close to $700 million and will be able to manufacture the Air, towards the end of 2018.

The Lucid Air Launch Edition will cost $165,000

The Lucid Air will be one of the competitors of the Tesla Model S. The five door sedan model that has a chassis made of aluminum and it features hidden door handles, a large panoramic glass roof, a leather upholstery and aluminium and wooden decorations.

It is equipped with two electric motors, one per axle, producing a total of 1,000 hp, powered by battery packs of Samsung SDI, that have a 100 kWh capacity, placed on the floor of the car.

Its additional equipment features a 130 kWh battery. The car can do the 0-96 km/h in 2.5 seconds, while it has an autonomy close to 400 miles, with the big battery and 300 miles with the 100 kWh battery. The Lucid Air Launch Edition is supplied with the battery of 130 kWh.


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