The new steering wheel of the Mercedes W05

The new wheel of the Mercedes W05

Formula 1 has changed and has entered a new era, an era in which new technologies are applied in engines and beyond.

The new wheel of the Mercedes W05

New cars are now equipped with V6 turbo engines using the ERS producing about 750 hp. The driver now has more systems to check, so most teams to help drivers created different steering wheels.

The team of Mercedes AMG Petronas introduced the new steering wheel of the W05, which is completely different compared to the corresponding one of the previous year.

The new wheel of the Mercedes W05

The main differences are the huge display and the handles. Another difference is the three rotary switches that are below the display, while last year the number was seven .

Her is what each button does:

The new wheel of the Mercedes W05

  1. Configurable lights
  2. Yellow and blue flag lights
  3. DRS flap activation
  4. Brake settings:
  5. Pedal map thumbwheels
  6. Strategy Rotary
  7. Menu Rotary
  8. HPP Rotary
  9. Diff adjust thumbwheel
  10. Marks point of interest in data
  11. Radio button
  12. Pit lane speed limiter
  13. Pit entry confirmation