Old Concept Cars: Renault Megane Concept

Old Concept Cars Renault Megane Concept


Renault had presented the Megane Concept at the 1988 International auco show of Paris. The Megane Concept was developed in just eight months, under the supervision of the head of design, at the time at Renault , Patrick Le Kemal, in close cooperation with Carozzeria Coggiola, that among other things, was responsible for the evolution of the Saab Sonett III in the early 70s.

Old Concept Cars Renault Megane Concept

Renault had characterized the Megane Concept as a supercar for living, a mix of a sports car and an executive saloon. Its four impressive sliding electric doors were used for an easy entry and exit of the passengers. The rear seats were fully reclinable, while the trunk was equipped with a sliding platform for easy loading of objects.

The car did not have mirrors, because they were replaced by cameras. Mechanically, the Megane Concept was equipped with a 3-liter turbo V6 engine, of Alpine, producing 250 hp that enabled it to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds, having a top speed of 210 km/h.

Old Concept Cars Renault Megane ConceptIt had four-wheel drive and a wheel steer system, with its electronically controlled suspension having two options, “normal” and “sport”. The car’s aerodynamics were great, since it had a drag coefficient of only 0,21 cd.


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