Problem Diagnostic system by General Motors

Problem Diagnostic system by General Motors


General Motors is developing a new system, which will help in predicting failures in a car before they occur. The system leverages the connectivity of the 4G LTE network of OnStar and sends the vehicle data to the servers of OnStar.

Problem Diagnostic system by General Motors

This information is then given to algorithms that determine whether or not the mechanical parts of the car need attention. When a problem is detected, the owner will be notified via e-mail, text message alerts within the vehicle or from the smart phone app of OnStar, the RemoteLink.

This service will be offered on selected new models such as the Chevrolet Corvette, the Equinox, the Tahoe, the Suburban, the Silverado and Silverado HD. Initially the system will focus on the battery, starter and fuel pump, but additional parts will be added in the future.


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