Project Punisher and Ironhorse by East Coast Defenders


East Coast Defender, based in Florida, presented two new modified Land Rover Defender. The cars are named Punisher and Ironhorse. According to the company, these two Defenders are less focused on off-road situations and more focused in luxury.

The Project Ironhorse is equipped with a 4.6-liter V8 engine, combined with a 4-speed ZF automatic transmission. The classic old school instrument panel is accompanied with an infotainment system, equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Continuing inside, the car features black leather and a wooden wheel that gives it a classic touch. The stainless steel Borla exhausts complements the audiovisual image of the Ironhorse.

In contrast to the Ironhorse, the Punisher is powered by a LS9 V8 engine, producing 326 hp, which is combined with a new, six-speed automatic transmission. GM gives a guarantee of two years or 50,000 miles on the drivetrain. The Punisher stands on 18-inch wheels of Sawtooth, with BF Goodrich All-Terain TA K02 tires. It has a new mask and LED lights that blend inextricably with the aggressive personality of the Punisher.

Upon entering, the car, we see an infotainment system of Kenwood with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and bucket seats that have the Punisher logo stitched on the headrest.