Russian Humvee built by ZIL

Russian Humvee Built by ZIL

ZIL a Russian auto maker recently unveiled the prototype you see in the photos, which could be a good alternative to the classic Humvee.

Russian Humvee Built by ZIL

For now ZIL has not given it a name. Its construction began in 2010 when the Russian army began a program to create a new 4 × 4 personnel transport vehicle that would weigh between 1 and 2.5 tons. To achieve this the ZIL, has placed minimal shielding to the vehicle, which measures 6.33 meters long, 3.8 meters wide, with a height of 2.56 meters. It has gross weight of 4.57 tons when transporting 10 men with all their equipment, and it is equipped with a four-cylinder Cummins B Series diesel engine producing 185 hp combined with a 5-speed ZF gearbox.


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