Schumacher’s manager says that the worst has passed

Schumacher's manager says that the worst has passed
Schumacher's manager says that the worst has passed

The latest news about the condition of Michael Schumacher are pleasant, even though he is on the ninth consecutive day in artificial coma . Although rumors had circulated , we expect statements from persons who know exactly what happens , as the doctors and the manager , Sabine Kehm, which told El Mundo Deportivo that the worst is over for Schumacher .

There is a little relief  for the family, the situation is calmer. This is the beginning of a very long period, but fortunately things are not so difficult now. The most critical moment has passed.

Kehm also said that Schumacher’s situation remains critical , but stresses that the risk for Schumi’s life is not as direct as it was before and there is a slight improvement in his health.

Meanwhile, the wife of Schumi, Corina Schumacher, asked journalists to leave the hospital.She said:

Please support us in our common struggle for Michael. It’s important to me that you let the doctors and the hospital to do their job in peace. I ask you to trust the statements made and leave the clinic. Please leave our family alone .

Source:  El Mundo Deportivo