Volvo talks about Le Mans and motorsport

Volvo talks about Le Mans and motorsport


Polestar racing was Interviewed by the Swedish edition of Auto Motor und Sport at Detroit and they said that Volvo must not necessarily race in a motor sport to strengthen the position of the brand.

Volvo talks about Le Mans and motorsport

Although the hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular in the WEC and in Formula 1, Alain Visser, Director of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service at Volvo Cars does not consider a good investment to participate in these categories, he said: “Le Mans is absolutely the dumbest category in which you can run. It costs 20 million for a car and you have a cover for just 24 hours. ”

Though he did not rule out Volvo’s participation at Formula E “We looked at it, there is still no decision, but it’s definitely something we’re thinking about. The numbers of audience and coverage by the press are rather limited, but it is a concept of competition that I absolutely like” said Visser.


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