The new Corvette C7

Corvette C7
Corvette C7

Stronger than ever, with a naturally aspirated 6.2 liter V8 engine to 450 horsepower the new Corvette C7 delivers 610 Nm of torque.

The C7 has incorporated all the technology, design and engineering developments of our day.Furthermore, the fact that only two parts of the car come from the recent past, reveals the intention of the American brand to create the supercar from scratch.

Apart from the new framework, the striking design and advanced driver assistance technologies,the new Corvette boasts extensive use of composite materials and lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium.Specifically, the front hood and the removable roof section constructed of carbon fiber, the surfaces of the wings, the doors and the floor covering are made of synthetic material.

The new Corvette features an eight-cylinder naturally aspirated engine of 6.2 liters, whose characteristics are the direct fuel injection, electronic fuel management, variable valve timing and an innovative combustion system that improves performance while limiting fuel consumption.

The V8 engine of 450 hp comes with a manual transmission.The most powerful Corvette will offer an upgrade package (Z51 Performance Package), which will include, among others a mechanical limited slip differential and aerodynamic improvements .