300 million Euro Yacht

300 million Euro Yaucht

British designers want to create a luxury yacht called the “The Streets of Monaco” which simulates Monaco with many things including a Go Kart track.

The 155 meters long yacht was estimated that it will cost close to 300 million euros ( £ 244 million) and it will feature copies of the palace , the Port Hercule, the Hotel de Paris, the Loews Hotel and the La Rascasse. Also it will have a helicopter pad, a small submarine, a jacuzzi , a jet ski and swimming pools .

300 million Euro Yaucht

It can carry 16 guests and it will have a crew of 70 people and a maximum speed of 15 knots. The designers of this yacht are seeking customers who are willing to pay the price to get a boat like this. Strangely many have expressed their desire for both personal and commercial use.