BMW M8 2016

BMW M8 2016
BMW M8 2016

BMW has given the green light for the production of its new supercar, the BMW M8. According to the Head of Section M of BMW, Friedrich Nitschke, the model will be developed to celebrate the 100 years of BMW.

It will use the carbon and aluminum chassis of the BMW i8, which will be modified appropriately so that it can accommodate a V8 twin turbo 4.0 liter petrol engine, which produces 600 hp.
It will have a Start/Stop system and and a energy recovery system,the 0-100 km / h will be completed in close to 3 seconds while top speed wil be 322 km/h.

The engine is mounted in the center, the supercar will not weigh too much due to the extensive use of carbon, aluminum, magnesium and plastics. It will weigh around 1,250 Kg.

If all goes according to plan a prototype car is likely to be seen sometime in 2014, with the production version to appear in 2015 and sales to begin in 2016. It will be available in a convertible version, and is expected to cost close to €250,000 .

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