Geneva 2013: GTA Spano 2013

Geneva 2013 GTA Spano 2013
Geneva 2013 GTA Spano 2013

This is the renewed GTA Spano that was presented in Geneva. It is equipped with z V10 8,3 liter engine producing 900 hp and 1.000 Nm of torque with the 0-100 km/h being completed in 3 seconds and the top speed reaching 350 km/h. Combined with either a 7-speed automatic or a 7-speed sequential transmission.

It weighs 1,350 kg  and it is made out of carbon, titanium and kevlar. The carbon monocoque chassis weighs just 80 kg. It features 19 inch rims  at the front with tire size of 255/35 and 20inch rims at the rear with tire size of 335/30. Brakes come from AP Racing with the forward brakes consisting of six-piston calipers with 380 mm ventilated discs.



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