Icon 1000 Quartermaster

Icon 1000 Quartermaster
Icon 1000 Quartermaster

The Icon 1000 Quartermaster is the first bike to ever be built by Icon, from a customer’s order. The order was placed by Ural, and the motorcycle is called Quartermaster. Based on the Ural Solo sT, it is a motorcycle made to endure.

Icon got it’s inspiration for the bike from ships of the Russian fleet, and the Quartermaster has a special, military style. The designer of this unique motorcycle is Kurt Walter. “Simplicity is the top quality in terms of mechanical survival in harsh environments,” says Walter. “For this reason, i always prefer the air-cooled motorcycles, single cylinder or twin cylinder.”

The Icon 1000 Quartermaster includes frame reinforcements, and a taller subframe, a bigger tank, which came from a Katana. The wings are handmade, the handlebars are wider, while the footrests are fitted higher than before.

The many aftermarket goodies placed everywhere on the Quartermaster come from PIAA, while the suspension is fully upgraded. The exhaust comes from the Supertrapp and the tires are the
TKC-80 of Continental.

The fact that makes this bike stand out, is the elaborate puzzle of details (such as frayed seat, and “thoughtful” imperfections everywhere) that make the Icon 1000 Quartermaster look like rat-bike. Congratulations on Icon for creating probably the most beautiful Ural ever!



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