Maserati Ghibli pick-up

Maserati Ghibli pick-up

Maserati is going to establish itself as a force in the luxury vehicles but the truth is that it is still at the beginning of the route . It has a big future, with a model that will help it in the near future is the upcoming SUV. The photos of the Ghibli pick-up are of course a rendering.

What would happen if the Maserati decided to produce the pick-up version of the Ghibli ?
The rendering was released by the Theophilus Chin.

In fact it is not just a pick-up but it tends more on what in Australia is called “ute”. Which means  it does not have a raised suspension and heavy-duty tires, it is a Ghibli with a flatbed …

Maserati Ghibli pick-up

Source: Theophilus Chin


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