New Kawasaki Z250/300

New Kawasaki Z250/300
New Kawasaki Z250/300

Kawasaki presented the new Z250/300 which mecahnically borows parts from the Ninja 300 and looks straight from the big Z 1000.
The model presented by Kawasaki seems to complete the 250cc range of the Japanese company.

Kawasaki is targeting all the major markets with the Z250/300, this model will be produced in two different displacements depending on the country and its requirements.

Kawasaki will probably launch the bike in Europe with 300 cc. The frame, suspension settings and the motor will be borowed from the Ninja 300.Kawasaki also has launched a microsite for the
Z 250

At the microsite the Japanese company did not reveal many details regarding the specs of the new Z. Kawasaki will reveal more technical characteristics of the Z250/300 in their official press release that is expected to take place soon.

If the Z 300 is equiped with the same engine as the nNinja 300 then it will mean that the z 300 will produce 39 hp and 26 Nm of torque at 10,000 rpm.


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