Vettel says that he will miss Weber

Vettel says that he will miss Weber
Vettel says that he will miss Weber

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, were teammates for years where due to various circumstances, they do not have the best relations between them, and every year something happens which intensifies their relations.

The incident that happened this year in Malaysia, it seems to make Mark Webber angry, and while he was the first, he lost his position from the German champion, who, however, had ignored the directive of the group not to chase Mark Webber.

Webber in his earlier statements had said that when he will leave Formula 1  he will not miss Vettel at all, in contrast with the German driver, who said in a recent statement:

“You can say what you want about our relationship, but in the end we pushed each other very hard. I will miss it! There were two or three turns where Mark had me cornered well. You tried to understand what he does, which kept you quite busy.”


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