Yamaha SR 400

Yamaha SR 400
Yamaha SR 400

Just in time for its 35th anniversary, the historic Yamaha SR400 returns refreshed, after an absence of several years.

The Yamaha SR400 began it’s career as the SR500 in 1978. Single cylinder and simple in appearance it proved quite popular.It Remained popular after 1999, when it ceased production, but Yamaha produced a 400cc version of the SR exclusively for the Japanese market. This second incarnation of the classic motorcycle lasted until 2008, due to the strict exhaust emission regulations. The demand, however, remained high and Yamaha brought it back again in 2010, with the only change being the addition of electronic injection.

The SR400 will be available in Green color, single-cylinder engine that delivers 25 horsepower and anniversary graphics, in the U.S. market.

Since it will be released in the U.S. it’s not unlikely to see the anniversary SR also in European markets. The classic motorcycles are proving to be popular and Yamaha will not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this trend.


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